of St. Paul Follow the footsteps Marvel the Byzantine Era Wonder in the land of the gods Roam in the schools of the ancient Greek philosophers Explore the islands Venture into the mythical blue and let your imagination
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Terra Santa assists travel professionals and tour organizers create and accomplish


suitable itineraries based on the particular needs and specific objectives of their groups.


Sample themes and itineraries in the following pages may be used as guidelines for this purpose.


Classical and Archaeological

Let your mind travel to the 4th and 5th century in ancient Greece.


The apostolic journeys of St Paul


Combining historical tours with a performance…


Explore the beautiful countryside and most biodiverse locations

Our Travel Stories

Travel Stories

A fascinating experience in the world of viticulture and wine-making


Travel Stories

Mountainous Villages Arcadia


Travel Stories

Exploring Orthodox Monasticism, nourish your spirit, mind and soul…

Experience Monasticism’s well-kept spiritual traditions and become part of a socially responsible travel experience… Orthodox Monasticism is an ancient Christian practice of withdrawal from the world, dedicating oneself fully and intensely to a self-sustained living and prayer and seeking union with Jesus Christ. Orthodox Monasticism is an integral part of our living tradition and dates from […]