About us

Terra Santa is a family owned travel agency operating in Athens since 1993.  Throughout those years as tour operators we have been providing our services with utmost care and devotion to so many groups of travelers, travel organizers and agencies. We believe that visitors who choose to travel to our beautiful country must have a wonderful experience and leave with long lasting unforgettable memories.

Our agency provides custom made tours to groups of various interests and objectives. The pilgrimage tours to Greece and Turkey emphasize the Spread of Christianity by following the Footsteps of St. Paul and Byzantine Greece. We explore Classical Greece through archaeological and educational tours. And in a country that has a long coastline and a sea dotted with beautiful islands we provide vacation itineraries for the travelers who would choose to relax, enjoy the sunshine, deep blue sea and the famous Greek hospitality. A cruise is a fun and relaxing way to visit the islands and serves as a link between Greece and Turkey.

The main focus of our agency is on personal attention, efficiency and detail aiming to provide a most memorable experience to our groups and organizers. To achieve our aim we work with highly professional guides who accompany our groups at all times providing information, knowledge and assistance. We use very modern and comfortable tour buses and a wide selection of excellent hotels of all categories.

On our website you will come across sample programs and itineraries. As a tour organizer or travel agent you might already have your tour.  Please let us know your interests and we will be happy to assist you with all the necessary arrangements.





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