It prides me to say that I was born in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Holy Land, into a Greek family and raised within the city walls and amongst its tightly knit and small Greek Community. I attended the Seminary school of the Holy Sepulchre, affiliated with the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Jerusalem. Upon completing my education, I moved to Greece and established Terra Santa Tourist Company Ltd. Growing up in Jerusalem had great influence on my character and outlook on life.                                   Both my parents were active members and very concerned for the wellbeing of the members of our community. My mother made me realize how important it was to contribute, through her participation with other ladies in the “Philoptohos”, a philanthropic association, assisting the elderly and poor. It gave me pleasure to volunteer and assist her. As a student in the Seminary school my involvement was with the Greek Orthodox Church where I developed a strong appreciation for their mission and beliefs building respect for the church and all the aspects it represents. The historical and spiritual center of Jerusalem attracted people from all over the world giving me the chance to be exposed to various languages and cultures. It made me realize how important it is to recognize and honor diversity. Terra Santa Tourist Company Ltd. started off by organizing pilgrimage tours to the Holy Land, Greece, Egypt and Turkey.  It later branched into archaeological tours and now, 30 years into the business, we specialize in incoming tourism of various types of interests to Greece.