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Terra Santa is a family run Greek travel agency providing tailor-made travel services to our international network of travel agents, community leaders and organizers of religious, educational, musical and other special interest groups.  Since 1993, the company’s focus remains the same: to assist our clients design and fulfil travel itineraries that best suit the travel objectives of their groups.  Our long standing relationships with our clients, nurtured over the years, are based on trust, efficiency and professionalism.  Unique to our culture is “Meraki”; a Greek word that signifies passion, dedication and love, attributes that embrace everything we do.


Greece offers limitless activities and experiences to a broad variety of interests from history and art, to culture, ecology, gastronomy, agriculture, wine culture, spiritual retreats and off the beaten track exploration.  We take pride in the personal attention we give each group, attending to its specific needs and unique requirements.


It prides me to say that I was born in the Old City of Jerusalem, the Holy Land, into a Greek family and raised within the city walls and amongst its tightly knit and small Greek Community. I attended the Greek Seminary school of Jerusalem. Upon completing my education, I moved to Greece and established Terra Santa Tourist Company Ltd.
Growing up in Jerusalem had great influence on my character and outlook on life. Through my parents’ involvement in the community, I was taught at a young age the importance of contributing and assisting others.
As a student in the Seminary school my involvement was with the Greek Orthodox Church where I developed a strong appreciation for their mission and beliefs building respect for the church and all the aspects it represents.
The historical and spiritual center of Jerusalem attracted people from all over the world where I had the chance to be exposed to various languages and cultures. It made me realize the importance in recognizing and honoring diversity.
Terra Santa Tourist Company Ltd. started off by organizing pilgrimage tours to the Holy Land, Greece, Egypt and Turkey. It later branched into archaeological tours and now, 30 years into the business, we specialize in incoming tourism of various types of interests to Greece.


Born in Jerusalem and into a Greek family has been a profound influence in my life. From a young age I was exposed to a diversity of peoples as Jerusalem is a multi-cultural center. Through this I learned to respect and honor diversity as well as the importance of giving and caring for the wellbeing of a community.
My education commenced in the Old City of Jerusalem where exposition to three languages was common. I moved overseas for higher education and acquired a degree in engineering and was then on employed by a multinational company giving me the opportunity to travel and live in several countries. Given my Greek background, I eventually settled in Greece and furthered my education attaining a master’s degree in business.
Joining the family run business in Terra Santa was the most sensible path. Using the skills and experiences I had developed and was exposed to throughout my travels and previous professional life gave me a strong foundation to be of assistance in enhancing the business.
Although our backgrounds with my brother Dimitri are similar, our paths in life went in completely different directions. The common ground that ties us together is our shared principles and ethics in life and professionalism in business.

And this is what our clients think of us…

For more than 3 decades, our cooperation with Terra Santa Greece and it`s managing directors Dimitri and Costa Ninos is a very pleasant and successful one.

Since we offer tailor-made group and study tours, we have contacted Terra Santa with a variety of different requests, e. g. for cultural tours, tours for parish groups, student excursions and agricultural tours. Special visits and meetings were added by Terra Santa to enrich the content and became part of our groups` programs. As such, step by step we prepared and set up an itinerary according to the individual need of each client.

Throughout these years, we have experienced Terra Santa as a very reliable and honest partner at all times! We are completely relaxed when our groups leave for Greece, because Dimitri and Costa Ninos are monitoring their travels closely and will get involved if it should be necessary. This we communicate to our groups before their departure and it gives them additional confidence.

We know our guests will return full of enthusiasm about Greece with it’s great culture and hospitality, enjoying the perfect preparation and thoughtful logistics of our Greek partner. In addition, they will have an excellent German speaking guide, very friendly, flexible and devoted to it’s work.

Almost all our groups have been seen off at the end of their tour by Dimitri Ninos personally to check upon the services given and to bid a farewell.

It`s Terra Santa`s professional approach and meticulous preparation that helps us to have satisfied customers.

Last but not least, we highly appreciate the personal interest and dedication of Dimitri and Costa Ninos and their staff in every part of their work, that makes this cooperation so pleasant and unique!

The managing director and product manager for Greece


I work with terra Santa since 2005 and I have been always pleased from Dimitri and Costa pragmatism, confiance and quality of services delivered to our cultural groups .

Persons we can really trust to handle our groups in Greece , attentive to details , delivering excellent local Guides, and global services

Our clients professors of cultural associations were always very pleased and satisfied of the services received in Greece trough Terra Santa

Owner and General manager

We are working since long time with Terra Santa Athens – we are specialized in pilgrimages and we find in this company a very trustfull corrispondent as the pilgrimages require a very specific services.In fact the guide should

Be very qualify , we need places were the groups can celebrate the Holy Masses, so Terra Santa could garantee us always good services, exelent guides and we never had complains or problems and when we had the staff

of Terra Santa was always fast and ready to solve them !

Direttore Tecnico


We have been working with the Holy Land agency for several years now; We have always found the utmost collaboration and professionalism on the part of Mr. Dimitri Ninos to whom we are very grateful. The service, the quality and the prices offered us correspond at all times, to the needs of our customers.

Ufficio Tecnico Operativo

According with the other branch Iot agencies, we could say that we have a good collaboration with Terra Santa Tourist Company Ltd, our experience has been positive: services has been accurate, maximum assistance and highly trained guides.

Giorgia Righetti

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