Explore Greece’s beautiful countryside and travel across some of Greece’s most biodiverse, scenic, and unspoiled and rich locations of Greece in terms of flora and culture.

Witness the cultural dimension of development in the subfields of ethno-agriculture, ethno-ecology, ethno-medicine, and ethno-botany.

Explore how these small communities have shaped and developed their economy. Gain a better understanding of the local production (from organic farming and organic agriculture to traditional craftsmanship) in a fun and interactive way.


The type of experiences and activities proposed in our itineraries will depend on the scheduled time of visit and considers the seasonality of many of the events and local products. As part of these itineraries, we encourage the participation of travelers in the day to day lives of the local community in a variety of activities such as farming, agriculture and cooking. Such activities will depend upon the needs of the local community as well as the interests of travelers. These interactions will bridge cultural gaps and build a connection between the participants and the locals.

Our itineraries will give our visitors the chance to interact with local inhabitants and feel their genuine warmth and hospitality.


These sample itinerary can be tailored to match a variety of budgets and interests by selecting the trip duration, departure date, accommodation style, and tours that fit your needs.