Born in Jerusalem and into a Greek family has been a profound influence in my life. From a young age I was exposed to a diversity of peoples as Jerusalem is a multi-cultural center.  My parents were very involved in the welfare of our Greek community and the Orthodox church by being instrumental in charitable causes for its benefits.  Through this I learned to respect and honor diversity as well as the importance of giving and caring for the wellbeing of a community. My education commenced in the Old City of Jerusalem in the College des Freres, a French Catholic school, where exposition to three languages was common.  Upon finishing high school, I moved overseas and acquired a degree in engineering from Montana State University and was then on employed by a multinational company giving me the opportunity to travel and live in several countries. Given my Greek background, I eventually settled in Greece and furthered my education attaining a master’s degree in business. Joining the family run business in Terra Santa was the most sensible decision. Using the skills and experiences I had developed and was exposed to throughout my travels and previous professional life gave me a strong foundation to be of assistance in enhancing the business. Although our backgrounds with my brother Dimitri are similar, our paths in life went in completely different directions.  The common ground that ties us together is our shared principles and ethics in both life and business.