Exploring Orthodox Monasticism, nourish your spirit, mind and soul…

Experience Monasticism’s well-kept spiritual traditions and become part of a socially responsible travel experience…

Orthodox Monasticism is an ancient Christian practice of withdrawal from the world, dedicating oneself fully and intensely to a self-sustained living and prayer and seeking union with Jesus Christ. Orthodox Monasticism is an integral part of our living tradition and dates from the beginning of the 4th century A.D.

In southeast Attika, close to the city of Lavrion, just an hour drive from Athens city, I found the Monastery of St. Paul the Apostle, perched in a hilly area amongst olive, lemon, orange, peach, apricot trees and overlooking the sea.

One can witness and get to appreciate how such a holy place as this could help people renounce worldly pursuits in search of inner peace and spirituality. My 3 day stay in this sacred place was a great opportunity to reflect, look inward into myself and develop my appreciation and understanding of what my real values in life are.

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